Managing Stress

There are multiple ways to manage your stress and keep it to a minimum or way to make it seem like you have less stress than there actually is. Stres can be caused by many things in your life, the first step to managing stress levels is acknowledge that there are stresses in your everyday life and understand that no matter how hard you try there will be stresses in your life. The second step is think of ways you physically can manage them like exercise or even go for a walk.

There are some complications caused by stress like Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), but even when TMJ is present there are TMJ treatment such as stress management, relaxation skills, mouth guards, nerve meds, and specialist’s such as a dentist or Otolaryngologist. There are wonderful treatments in this day and age such as biofeedback or stress management courses, your options are limitless but find what fits your TMJ treatment and works for you not against.

I always knew stress was around me and that no matter how hard I tried stress still existed, but through the help of friends and family who care to help with stress, pushed me to go through with a class on how to manage the stress that is in my life and how to keep it to a minimum so that I do not overwhelm myself. There are multiple books out there on how yo manage stress find an author you think best fits you and grab their book, dealing with stress is never easy and neither is TMJ it is very painful.

There are other simplistic ways to manage stress such has get organized with a calendar, it is okay to say ‘no’, make time for yourself, and to not overwhelm yourself with projects, people, and work. Do not put off payments and other things that they get off of balance and out of sorts. Managing stress can be easy if given the time and effort, stress once understood what is causing it can be managed enough that it does not feel like your world is crashing down and you are losing your mind. Stress is a complex thing qnd has many causes that are different for each individual who is stressed. Stress is normal for everyone no matter how much you think you are not you might be and do not feel afraid to step back and take time for yourself.